We took on the giants of e-commerce, creating India’s first online-to-offline strategy and driving ROI of 15:1.


Traditional retail is under pressure from e-commerce players such as Amazon.

With a limited e-commerce presence, activated only around specific sales, Big Bazaar needed to ensure that the digital research process could still drive consumers into store.


We developed and promoted a new form of search, taking advantage of our high level of unprompted awareness and Google’s low prices when bidding on your own brand name.

Introducing Smart Search, which is simply the act of typing “Big Bazaar” into Google followed by the product or category they were looking at to get access to fantastic offers at the top of the search rankings. Smart Search would run only at the beginning of the month, when consumers were best positioned to make large purchases and to generate a sense of excitement.


ROI 15:1 generated by our online to offline strategy.

Redemption rates for our coupons were 32% compared to the normal 2-3% seen across retail.

There has been a 150% increase in searches for Big Bazaar on Google (double that of other category brands).

Awards and Recognition

  • M&M Global | Gold: Fashion, Beauty and Retail
  • MMA Smarties Global | Gold: Mobile Search
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