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Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop

Skittles wanted to increase their top-of-mind awareness during the holidays – a time when traditional candy takes over. They needed an idea that would not only compete against traditional holiday candy, but one that would cut through the clutter of all holiday advertising.


Skittles is a quirky brand that entertains the masses by twisting the ordinary.

We discovered that nearly 75% of Canadians had been disappointed by a bad holiday gift.

So we created a twist on the classic North American pawn shop but one where the currency was Skittles.


We opened the Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop – a physical pop-up shop in downtown Toronto – where customers could trade those unwanted gifts for something they could truly enjoy – Skittles.

This twist, combined with our insight about unwanted holiday gifts, allowed us to speak to our key target audience, while also relating nationally to all Canadians.


The Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop opened on one of the busiest streets in downtown Toronto on Boxing Day, 2015. For five days, thousands of customers brought in unwanted holiday gifts in exchange for Skittles.

Two weeks prior to opening, we went live with online video, social (including influencer) content, print ads, wild postings and exterior signage on the storefront itself to drive awareness.


The campaign earned a staggering 100 million free media impressions, including coverage from Canada’s top five broadcasters.

During the five days the shop was open, thousands of customers traded unwanted items for more than 52,000 bags of Skittles, making it Wrigley’s largest-ever sampling event.

More than 3,300 items were collected and donated to one of Canada’s largest charities.

We achieved over 100 million impressions, 51,798 website visits and 2,720 visitors to the pawn shop.

Awards and Recognition

  • Cannes Lions 2016 | Bronze: Media Lions, Use of Stunts
  • WPPd Cream Awards 2016: Créme de la Créme
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