Share a Coke with Remzi

Coke didn’t just put people’s names on its bottles, it created personalised advertising messages too



Everyone loved the first Share a Coke. Everyone wanted to see their name on a bottle.

Our job was to develop an execution in year two that created the same impact by adding an even more personal touch. Only this time we didn’t have the element of surprise and there were even more names.

We realised that everyone likes to be addressed personally not just by Coke but also by its advertising.


We built the world’s first ever fully personalised TV campaign, to target Coke’s core 16-34 audience.

We let Coke talk to everyone as an individual.


We did this by giving all 11 million viewers of the 4oD catch-up TV platform a chance to see their own name on a bottle.

We used a tiny piece of data – people’s 4oD sign-in name – to create a personalised TV ad for each viewer.

The bespoke copy ended with the tagline ‘Share a Coke With’, followed by the viewer’s name in the label section of the Coca-Cola bottle.

In total, we produced four million dynamically created TV adverts.


People loved it. So much so, that the social reach of #shareacoke peaked at 11 million.

The response on Twitter showed how surprising the campaign was. They didn’t just tweet though – Campaign awareness was up 17%, Ad recall was 71% and purchase intent increased by 24%.

Awards and Recognition

  • Cannes Lions 2015 | Silver Media Lion: Use of Screens


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