Second Shave

Gillette leveraged a unique Thai ritual of scalp shaving before joining a monastery - the second significant shaving moment in a young Thai boy's life, celebrating a unique father/son bonding moment.


Thai men have less need to shave than males in other countries and suffer from sensitive skin. Shaving is a much lower priority and a poor-quality alternative to Gillette is deemed good enough by many.

While we wanted to target all males in the shaving category, the need for a razor that could handle sensitive skin was particularly acute among teens.


In common with most young men, young Thais get their advice about shaving from their dads. What’s unique about those conversations is that they take place around two key moments.  The first occurs when they begin shaving and the other is when young Thai men shave their head before they join a monastery for a few months, typically when they are 17-18-years old.

Our hero video – Gillette’s first-ever culturally led product demonstration – documented a real father and son as they prepared for the religious ceremony before the son entered his monastery. We followed up with supplementing the traditional monastery kits in stores and committed publicly to donating 10,000 kits to monasteries nationwide, creating a new audience for the brand.


More than three million watched our video in just one week.

It became the most retweeted P&G video in the Thai market ever, with more than 200,000 retweets and more than 44,000 organic views on Twitter alone.

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