Head & Shoulders
Say it Proud

"Say It Proud" served to overcome Indonesians’ lack of confidence when pronouncing Head & Shoulders by giving them permission to call the brand what they wanted.


Head & Shoulders is the world’s #1 Anti-Dandruff shampoo. However, in Indonesia, it remained a challenger brand.

We realised that H&S’ biggest barrier to the Indonesian market is its brand name. Due to the sounds required to pronounce Head & Shoulders, Indonesians find it very difficult to say. Indonesians were using Head & Shoulders only when they didn’t have to ask for it and using simple-to-pronounce competitors when they did.


First, we celebrated the struggle many Indonesians face in pronouncing our brand in a comical way by releasing a real online bloopers clip of our own veteran brand ambassador, actor Jo Taslim, mispronouncing our brand name during a TV commercial shoot. We collated all common mispronounciations of our brand – “Heten & soljers”/ “Hed & Solder” – and tweaked our Google search (both voice and written) to accept all versions.

All our efforts climaxed at Indonesia’s most culturally relevant event: Independence Day. We celebrated our 700 languages and dialects with TV messages featuring consumers offering their own version of the H&S brand name, as well as locally-customised regional radio spots.  Finally, we produced more than 300 versions of shampoo packs carrying different versions of the Head & Shoulders name.


Overall market share grew by 16%. Overall sales grew by a whopping +13% – up 11% on the category as a whole and up 12% on our direct competition.

We sold an additional 660,000 bottles as hundreds of thousands of new Indonesian households tried the brand.

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