We created our very own app, the ‘Always Rabbi-Bot’, to ease the tensions modern religious Jewish women face when following Biblical commandants related to menstruation


Religious orthodox Jewish women must wait seven “clean-days” and take a ritual bath before having sexual intercourse with a partner again. Women test whether menstruation has stopped depending on the shape or colour of the discharge left in a pad. These women are then required to consult with a rabbi who carefully inspects the nature of the stains in order to give the “green light”.

Women dread this consultation; they wish they could practice their faith without encountering embarrassing and time-consuming acts like this.


We created an app that replaced the uncomfortable and distressing process of consulting with a Rabbi after a period, all with the approval of the highest religious authority.

Our AI-based app scans an image directly from a smartphone and instantly determines whether menstruating has completed.

We also recruited attendants at the ritual baths (Mikvehs), where religious women go after their period is over. They served as our branded app promoters, offering explanations on how to download and use the app, as well as additional much-needed information on periods from Always, in the form of leaflets and brochures.


9,000 women logged on to the app in the first month.

Always’ equity measurement in the sector soared, “brand which understands me” was up by 23%.

We generated extensive buzz and conversations throughout the Orthodox community and beyond.

Awards and Recognition

WARC Media Awards 2020 | Gold, Technology
Eurobest 2020 | Media Grand Prix
Son’s Share The Load
BrAIds of Strength