Ministerio Del Interior
Men Free Banner

To stop domestic abuse, we created an advert that only women could see.

Men Free Banner


Over 400,000 women in Colombia suffer domestic abuse annually. With many victims too afraid to report abuse -fearing retaliation – digital has become the go-to platform for help. The call to action needed to be direct and encouraging to educate the victims that failing to
report it could be more dangerous.


As our target continued to search for help, we would show increasingly dramatic videos, personalising in real time. Using a mixture of cookie, sequential targeting and analysis of search terms and browsing patterns to identify and track the target audience to deliver the message.


23% increase in national helpline
197% increase in website traffic
Ministry of Interior leads rose by 183%
Media effectiveness increased by 25%


Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global | Silver: Best Targeted Campaign
Bachelor of Shaving
Hotel of Legends