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One of Mexico’s oldest beer brands, Cerveza Victoria, produced a campaign to become the second most trending topic globally and started a new movement to celebrate Mexico’s melting pot of cultures.


Eighty per cent of Mexicans are “Morenos” – with brown skin. They are the native people of Mexico but had become a marginalised part of Mexican society.

70% of Morenos experience racial discrimination. And they are never featured in advertising.

So Cerveza Victoria started a movement to bring attention to this injustice.


Our campaign started with mobile phone footage of a Western-looking actor berating a director for expecting her to stand behind a Moreno in an advert

After it was shared 1.5m times in just 19 hours, we released a second video showing the actors coming together and explaining “not all beauty is white – advertising made you believe that.”

Cerveza Victoria committed to casting Moreno talent in its advertising in order to foster a climate of inclusivity.

We issued a call for other brands to follow suit, lobbying the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies to push for industry-level quotas.


  • 14 million people joined our movement.
  • The number 2 trending topic globally.
  • 12% sales growth.

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global | Gold: Best Launch Campaign
  • Festival of Media Global | Gold: Brand Bravery Award
  • Festival of Media Global | Silver: Best Use of Content
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