By developing ‘LetOutTheSour’ and a first of its kind new product launch, we successfully placed the brand in the hand of the region's youth. So it's no surprise our instore game sold out in 10 days!


Skittles loves poking fun at the ordinary and life’s little oddities. But in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia, life is a bit more conservative and young people in both are expected to play by the rules.

Our challenge was to bring fun to two countries where it’s often wise to hide how you truly think or feel. And we had to do it for a new flavour Skittles Sours, a Skittle so sharp, you simply can’t hide how they tangle your tastebuds.


We created a unique ‘LetOutTheSour’ card game modelled on the world famous Cards Against Humanity – a fun game for sour people that would only be available in-store with the new Skittles flavours.

Emirati comedy superstar Ali Al-Sayed, a man who knows how to poke fun and walk close to the line of what is allowed, wrote our content.

And to ensure we drove repeat purchases, we split these cards into a collectable series of five games.


We delivered a 20% plus uplift in incremental sales in KSA and a rise of 24% in the UAE.

Our instore game sold out in just 10 days – 15,000 special packs literally walked out the door by consumers who were desperate for our game.

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global 2018 | Gold: Best Use of Gamification
  • Festival of Media Global | Silver: Best Local Execution of a Global Brand


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