I Don’t Roll on Shabbos

Jewish laws dictate refraining from anything that’s considered work on Saturday/Shabbat, even putting on deodorants! Turning this restriction into an ultimate torture test proved our superiority and boosted sales by 24%!


Despite blistering temperatures that average over 40 degrees Celsius in the summer, Orthodox Jews are required to wear heavy black suits and hats. This makes them likely to sweat…profusely, which can lead to bad body odour.

This is a particularly big problem on the Sabbath.  Orthodox Jews are forbidden from doing anything that’s considered work – including applying deodorant. Which makes Sabbath prayers in packed synagogues a very smelly affair.

They needed Gillette’s advanced 48-hour protection formula to protect them throughout the Sabbath.


We recruited Judaism’s rabbinical authority to raise awareness of a forgotten biblical decree: “That shalt not pray in an area of foul odour!”

We then demonstrated the power of Gillette through an experiential side-by-side battle of synagogues!

We ran print ads in the community’s most read publications, we secured the last radio commercial just minutes before the Sabbath began and we sponsored the candle lighting schedules that appeared on the front page of every newspaper read by our target audience.

And for the first time in history, we took over the street sirens that sound every week to mark the start of Sabbath.


Our shares in the Orthodox sector grew from 3% to 12% in just two months.

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global | Gold: Best Local Execution of a Global Brand
  • Festival of Media Global | Silver: Best Communication Strategy
  • Cannes Media Lions 2018 | Silver
  • Cannes Media Lions 2018 | Bronze