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Hotel of Legends

We brought Day of the Dead into the digital age.

Hotel of Legends


Young Mexicans were hooked on American beers.
We needed to re-connect them with Cerveza Victoria, one of Mexico’s oldest brews.


‘Day of the Dead’ is part of Mexico’s heritage. But ghostfearing young people preferred American holidays, like Halloween. We’d bring the festival – and Cerveza Victoria – back to life with a series of spooky stunts. First, we brought one of Mexico’s most famous ghosts back to life through a video that went viral. Then we invited drinkers to a haunted house to meet more famous ghosts. We promoted our ‘Hotel of Legends’ via social, a reality show, and a closing party.


18 million video views
4.4 million interactions
+2.4% Brand preference
+5% people named Cerveza Victoria as the last beer they bought

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