Danske Bank’s business team wanted to attract more CEOs and CFOs from Swedish and Norwegian markets. Such customers were hugely valuable to the bank – the trouble was, they are highly risk averse. Most move banks only once every 12 years – and are fiercely guarded by secretarial gatekeepers.


The key to opening the door, was not to talk about Danske Bank, but to talk about the prospect – the person.

Our insight was that, despite the amazing service Danske Bank could offer, that wasn’t what prospects wanted to hear.

We had to prove the company truly understood their needs and challenges – only then would we deliver the meetings that Danske Bank needed to start the conversion process.


We started out by establishing the scale of our challenge, identifying 200 CFOs and CEOs in both Norway and Sweden.

Every single action we performed had to match Danske Bank’s promise that it was willing to go the extra mile for its business customers. That led to our strategy – if the message had to be about our prospects, then our communication needed to take that literally.

Our solution would target them individually, with laser-targeted one-to-one messages. We would treat our prospects as if they were already customers of Danske Bank.


In total, we made 1,900 different pieces of content, delivered to our prospects in a customised sequence that would encourage them to engage.

The first package contained a personalised version of the daily financial newspaper.

A week later, it was followed by a customised video book, with the local CEO of Danske Bank addressing each prospect by name.

Finally, we created a personalised online newsfeed, which was emailed to them in the third week by their potential new Account Manager.


In just three weeks, we turned the most inaccessible CEOs and CFOs in Norway and in Sweden into new clients.

We delivered a 100% increase in the number of meetings the bank has been able to secure – from 2% to 20% – with 10 becoming clients.

Our message was so powerful, that some prospects even called the bank themselves, saying “I think you want to talk to me.”

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global 2016| Silver: Best Campaign for Commerce
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