38 million Americans drive without insurance for financial and legal reasons. We teamed up with some celebrities who definitely needed a second, third or fourth chance just like so many of our potential customers.


Car insurance is unaffordable for millions of people, which is why 13% of motorists (38 million people) drive uninsured.

The problem is Direct Auto is virtually unknown with just 6% unaided awareness and outspent in the marketplace with 1% SOV despite offering affordable and accessible coverage.


We showed that everyone deserves a second chance, even those on more than that. We did this by working with celebrities’ people had heard of for the wrong reasons and showed that everyone deserves an opportunity to right their wrongs.

We reached our target audience in the channels they couldn’t miss us and ensured that our celebrity partners stood out – in video content, in social, audio and in out-of-home.


Awareness skyrocketed 24% in the first month, driving 11.2% more quotes.

We drove a 10% growth in sales.

We went from appearing on minimal conversations to driving 1.2M impressions.

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