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Flixonase’s team wanted to convert as many category users as possible and broaden their user base, as only 1.3% of all Chinese people are in the market for their product nasal spray for allergies.



Allergy sufferers are suffering at different times during the year in a very individual way. Moreover, they also stick to their existing product.

That meant, firstly, we had to communicate with our primary target audience by identifying key buying behaviours and moments in order to increase conversion via trial within the smaller audience.

Secondly, we had to attract the right potential user base within the 27% of overall nasal allergy sufferers in China and help them understand Flixonase is the right choice when they are suffering from nasal allergies.


In partnership with Alibaba, we co-developed the first intelligent “brand radar” case. 440 million individuals were analysed based on their e-commerce buying behaviour and interest, to identify three potential segments that had not been identified before: Flixonase buyers, category buyers and family health carers. We were then able to activate and optimise these segments within the Alibaba ecosystem.


We began with a cross-device and real-time tracking concept, based on real IDs (not cookies) to track the first impression in the Ali ecosystem until the e-store visit and the final online sale. Then, based on the three different segments identified, we developed different creatives to acknowledge the individual approach to allergies in order to increase relevance.

We then pulled everything together and started activating the segments, testing different creatives and put more budget behind the best performing combinations, leading to the highest sales within the e-commerce store.


E-commerce sales tripled because we converted category buyers better (+34% buyers who never bought Flixonase before). More importantly, we successfully expanded the user base with 65% of buyers never having bought a nasal spray before.

In addition, corresponding research showed an increase of top of mind awareness and preference by 31% and 30% respectively.

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