The Philippines has been booming in recent years due to the rapid growth of call centres. 1.5 million Filipinos are now employed, making calls on behalf of telecommunication, pharmaceutical, healthcare, satellite cable and appliance brands. If P&G could make its products a must-have in call centres – an untapped target market – that success would cascade across the wider population.


Call centre workers are notoriously hard to target, working odd hours, with limited access to media.

They often work at night to ensure they are on call at peak times for their target markets half way around the world.

On top of their odd hours, which meant they were missed off traditional media plans – they also worked in a media-starved environment and were not allowed to use their mobiles or browse the internet at work.


We created the first ever customised content and distribution strategy aimed exclusively at call centre workers.

In partnership with Cosmopolitan, we developed “Cosmo at Work” magazine.

The publication included articles about the how to dress at the workplace, or tips how to solve office-related beauty problems, creating a strong platform for P&G brands.


We gained unique access for Cosmo at Work in call centres across the country (without paying), giving it the only share of voice among our target.

Copies were distributed quarterly to more than 50 call centres, making our magazine the only media targeting this burgeoning new audience.

To give the content a digital targeted element, we created a call centre cluster of users on Facebook – the target’s key social network.

Nine P&G brands were supported by this uniquely targeted promotion – Olay PCC and Skin, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Safeguard Derma Sense, Oral-B, Metamucil, Vicks, Gillette and Whisper.


To date, nearly 400,000 copies of Cosmo at Work have been distributed to call centre offices across the country.

Awareness has increased for all participating P&G brands by an average of 7% for top-of-mind brand awareness.

Trial has increased by almost 20%, with even the least successful brand gaining a 12% rise.

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global: Gold: Best Targeted Campaign
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