Buckethead Army

We created a new Australian army to support the national cricket team. Their uniform? A KFC bucket.


KFC needed to increase brand love in Australia to deliver long-term growth.


KFC has a 15-year legacy of cricket sponsorship. And in recent years, an unusual cult behaviour among fans emerged –wearing a KFC bucket on their heads!

We turned this act into a demonstration of national support, inviting fans to join a KFC branded Buckethead Army in time for the iconic Ashes series against England.

We turned every KFC outlet across the nation into recruitment centres, creating limited-edition KFC camouflage army buckets and micro-targeting hardcore fans of Big Bash cricket teams. Painted murals in high traffic areas, digital assets, social media activations and an influencer campaign completed our media recruitment drive.


We reached 15 million people directly (almost three quarters of Australia’s population!);

13 million social engagements;

330 pieces of press coverage; and

4.3 million video impressions.

Awards and Recognition

Festival of Media Global 2019 | Gold: Best Communication Strategy


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