We identified every eligible hair donor in Israel using ground-breaking technology to encourage them to join our cause and donate their hair to cancer sufferers.


Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths is a global initiative to ensure that women get the wigs they need to help them feel like a person again.

Over the last eight years, almost 70,000 wigs have been created in Israel – but it’s still not enough.

Rather than waiting for those eligible to come to us, we would actively identify people with the power to make a difference. Only then would we seek to persuade them to change lives.


We created an AI Instagram crawler, that enabled us to identify around two and a half thousand women with hair longer than eight inches.

We even used A.I. technology in stores with smart mirrors to indetify eligible donors by their hair length as they shopped the haircare isle.


Hair donations were up 15% than in 2018 with almost 100,000 total donations – that’s around 14,000 new, much-needed wigs.

In total our targeted messages reached nearly 1.5m women in two months.

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