Pantene made hair donation personal and easier than ever, inspiring 87,500 people to donate their hair to cancer patients.


Undergoing treatment for cancer causes hair loss. To date, almost 60,000 wigs have been created in Israel – but it’s not enough to meet demand.

We needed to keep donation momentum going.


Using hidden cameras, we showed what it felt like to walk down the street as a bald woman, once with a wig and then without.

The video ended with a Pantene cellphone number asking viewers to create their own donation WhatsApp groups. When they added our number, a cancer patient became the eighth group member.

Massive donation events in 200 malls, metro stations and in 500 hairdresser salons across the country offered free haircuts to everyone who donated.


87,500 new donors created 12,500 wigs.

Donations were up 30% on 2017’s record-breaking number.

Our project even picked up the Israel Prize, the most prestigious state honour.

Awards & Recognition

Festival of Media Global 2019 | Gold: Best Engagement Strategy

Effies Israel 2019 | Gold: Social and Public Responsibility

Increasing the volume (of in-store sales)
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