Babyshop Embraces Showrooming

Showrooming costs most specialist retailers money but we turned it into a profit centre for Norway’s Baby Shop

Understanding“Showrooming” is the practice of checking out a product in a store with helpful staff and excellent customer service – and then buying it cheaper online!

With seven out of 10 people within Babyshop’s target audience behaving this way, Babyshop was suffering.

Geographical segmentation combined with keyword targeting would allow us to send a message to anyone showrooming in or around Babyshop stores.


People who search for products sold by Babyshop would receive a special deal, which retained or acquired sales from consumers who were likely to buy elsewhere.

What’s more, we extended our geographical segmentation to cover our rivals’ premises.


A special campaign in Google AdWords targeted our and our competitors’ physical stores using geo-location on addresses. We only targeted consumers searching for high value product categories and product names that Babyshop sold.

People who actively searched for these keywords while in our stores or our competitor’s stores got a special ad based on that specific product valid for just 24 hours.

Coupons could be tracked whether they were used on or offline.


We retained and acquired additional sales for Babyshop.

More than 40% of the showrooming sales came from our competitors’ stores, creating new business for Babyshop, while the other 60% represents retained sales that could have gone to competitors.

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media 2015 | Gold: The Smart Use of Data Award
  • Festival of Media 2015 | Silver: Best Targeted Campaign

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