To make Gillette relevant again to Israelis, we identified the last possible opportunity to persuade men to consider shaving: the moment they became dads


When your job is to sell razors, beards are bad news. In recent years, beards have been everywhere. Among certain groups of younger men, almost everyone has a beard. In Israel, the figure is around 40% for all ages.

Beards mean that fewer people shave and those who do shave, shave less often. As the market leader, Gillette takes the biggest hit.


We would give men a reason to shave by highlighting the importance of “skin to skin” communication among new/expecting parents and raise awareness of the new meaning of BabyFace. We would let these new parents experience that skin sensation for themselves.

In a media first, we used haptic technology – the tech in your tablet and phone that applies forces, vibrations, or motions to recreate the sense of touch – to let men experience what it’s like for baby to touch a rough, scratchy beard, versus smooth, clean-shaven face.

The BabyFace app and our message were delivered wherever we could find new dads; at baby-fairs, and at preparation-for-birth courses.


Gillette already had 80% of the market and we still saw a 4% increase in sales.

Post-campaign research found a 15% boost in consideration to shave among bearded dads and the number of non-fathers in favour of clean shaving grew 30%.


Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global | Gold: Creative Use of Media
  • Festival of Media Global | Silver: Best Use of Technology
  • Cannes Media Lions 2018 | Silver
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