Thais don’t consider milk or milk-like drinks suitable for consumption out of their home, so we developed interactive maps on all our packaging to make Vitamlik the perfect on-the-move companion for travel-hungry Thais.


Thailand is amongst the top in the world in soymilk consumption per capita, but most if not all consumption is traditionally done at home.

At the same time rapid urbanisation, longer operating hours, rise in spending power and higher access to travel is keeping more and more Thais away from home for longer hours. We needed to change perceptions and behaviour to make them consider Vitalmilk as an on-the-go drink.


 We found consumers who were seeking healthier dietary options also had a higher affinity to travel and there was a growing trend of domestic travel (+7% annually) which served as our platform for behavioural change.

Through a partnership with TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and Google we developed a first-to-market image detection mechanism activated by the pack, providing interactive maps and travel tips for 55 destinations across Thailand.

We promoted our unique packs at the height of domestic travel season across multiple paid media both on and off-line.


We officially sold out of Vitamilk!

Value growth went up by 22% versus the previous the period.

All attributes jumped to No1 in the milk alternative category for brand love, out-of-home consumption and sales.

Get direct and get going