White paper: Understanding System Search

Search isn't just about Google and Baidu anymore. These days, consumers are searching directly on eCommerce sites, social and verticals. This white paper outlines how brands can use a systems thinking approach to connect with them.

In the digital world, Search Marketing is no longer a one-channel game. As consumer search behaviour has changed we need a much more systematic and holistic approach to planning Search – one that includes social, eCommerce and verticals.

It used to be so simple. To activate a marketing campaign in Search we only needed to look to Baidu in China, and Google in the West. This was because for most people the usual behaviour when they were looking for anything was to jump onto a search engine and type in their query. This could be the name of
a brand, where to buy a certain product and at what price, a generic category question or even a keyword triggered by an ad.

Consumers are no longer going only to Baidu as their central point for Internet searches. They are also searching directly on eCommerce sites, in social media and even in verticals. In fact, many consumers are bypassing search engines altogether and thereby shortening their path to purchase.

The time has come for marketers to change the way they plan search to meet this changing consumer behaviour. A one-channel approach no longer is enough. Instead, we need a Systems approach.

In this white paper, we analyse how search behaviour has changed and how systems thinking can help brands connect with consumers everywhere.

Download the ‘System Search’ whitepaper now.

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