White paper: MediaCom China sheds light on China’s After Dark Economy

With China's after dark economy ever-growing, this white paper reveals the fantastic business growth opportunities for brands to capitalize on.

The average urban Chinese manages only 6.5 hours of sleep per night, a steep drop of 26% since 2013. If China is sleeping less, what else are they doing in the late hours of the night and how does it affect their lifestyle and consumption behaviour?

To answer this question MediaCom China published the white paper China After Dark. This white paper inspires brands to capitalize on business growth opportunities in the growing after dark economy and concludes with 7 key recommendations for advertisers.

MediaCom China collaborated with Foresight Factory, a leading data-led trends agency, to deploy 12 insight trend scouts across the seven cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xian, Taiyuan, Wuhan and Haikou over a period of thirty-seven days to delve into the behaviours, actions, and opportunities within the “after dark” economy.

Howard Thompson, CSO of MediaCom China said, “Working hours in China are longer than ever, and the time consumers can devote to the activities they are eager to invest in is more precious than ever. Through our research we discovered that brands have an opportunity to act as a partner in helping consumers obtain healthier habits and lifestyles after dark – guiding them in their quest to obtain better sleep patterns through advice and product solutions, offering them more nutritious on-demand food options late at night, and encouraging them to take part in fitness activities both in- and out-of-home.”

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