White paper: Grow Global: Developing business growth overseas for Chinese brands

It's imperative Chinese brands travel abroad to ensure continued growth, but cracking new markets isn't easy. This white paper analyses the challenges brands face and reveals a pioneering systematic solution that will help them succeed.

Since President Xi Jinping unveiled the “Belt and Road” initiative in 2013 there has already been a five-fold increase in the volume of rail-freight sent from China to Europe.

A modern silk route has begun. China is assertively leaning into this expansion with collaborative loans to motivate the countries along this new route to join their ports and their trade to this new gateway.

But proximity and accessibility will only get companies and products so far. The Chinese companies that will unlock the opportunities along this route will be ones that will bring their story, their reputation and their brand character to new shores.

“BRAND CHINA” takes on a whole new meaning in this endeavour and the first companies that put their name into the global market will mark the trail that others will follow.

But how can these brands guarantee success?

In this white paper, we identify the challenges facing Chinese brands expanding overseas, explain how they can use a unique ‘System Export’ approach to overcome them and reveal the rules to ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Download ‘Grow Global’ now.

(n.b. The English language version begins on page 20).

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