BLINK_live APAC 2019: Trend Report

Learn what's next on the digital horizon, as revealed at our latest BLINK_live event

The true value of MediaCom’s BLINK_live can be found not only in its exploration of innovation but in its ability to bring people together.

While Elon Musk may say that, “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilisation”, at this year’s event it felt truly the opposite. With eyes wide open, BLINK_live can only be described as a technology conduit to human connection.

Opening the day with Jeanne Lim, CEO of Hanson Robotics, set the course for a unique take on the impact of technology for brands. With a background including a Ph.D. in integrated and holistic health from the Energy Medicine University, and a career detour as a Yoga instructor, Jeanne helps us understand that face-to-face is the most naturalistic and richest form of communication, arming us with the ability to capture both verbal and nonverbal cues.

The potential of AI, and robots like Sophia, is to humanise the brand experience while increasing transparency and trust to build long-term brand loyalty and advocacy. Ultimately, people buy from people they trust. With virtually every company’s goal to build on the fundamentals of human experience with empowering technology, three trends emerged from the day’s content sessions:

Growth comes from allowing for the exchange and capture of emotive data to generate richer information.

Brands that build frictionless – active, timely, anticipatory – services will be trusted advisors as they engage consumers in their journey regardless of time and place.

When consumer attention is scarce and ephemeral, the importance of social interaction helps cut through the clutter and creates immediate affinity.

With these sessions adding depth to a more humanised interaction with technology, it was the closing keynote from founder of Global Citizen, Hugh Evans, that reminded us that ultimately our ability to put people first will yield the best results. Evidence that technology can truly bring people together (as it had at BLINK_live) not only helps us build more progressive solutions but renews faith in our ability as brands to impact people in a positive way.

In this report, we will share our summary of the key lessons learned from BLINK_live 2019, combining the inspirational with the practical to provide actionable takeaways for brands.

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