4 learning points from DMEXCO 2017

DMEXCO is two days of ad:tech and digital. But what can marketers learn from this year's event?

DMEXCO is intense, informative, and a great place to catch up on current thinking around all things digital.

Since it was established in 2009, the attendance list has transformed from those who tweak and tune the engines of the digital revolution to include those advertisers and holding companies that now rely on it to power their businesses. DMEXCO has joined CES and Cannes as a must-do event for many marketers.

This year was no exception, and as with any major event, it’s worth distilling the key learnings.

We believe that 2017 highlighted four key learnings that all marketers need to take on board:

Firstly, and ironically, brands need to look beyond the technology and empower and involve their people if they want their digital transformation to be effective.

Secondly, successful digital requires real rigour.

Thirdly, metrics are improving, but there is still a need for the next-generation to think about how they can work in a connected world.

Finally, we are on the cusp of a world of data-powered creativity. The first gains are already being seen but the real revolution in data-driven storytelling is just around the corner.

But what now? How should marketers take action? Get actional marketing advice in ‘4 learning points from DMEXCO 2017‘.

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