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What is a social media agency?

You’d have to be living on Mars not to realise that new social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have added a new dimension in which consumers interact, receive news and see marketing messages. As such, advertisers and brand owners have had to change the way in which these organisations communicate with customers.

This prominence of social media networks, and advertisers desire to communicate with customers on them, has in turn given rise to many social media agencies that specialise solely in delivering marketing messages in the social media space.

MediaCom believes that we’re in an Age of Dialogue, a time in which marketing remains influential in the way consumers perceive brands and what they buy and consume. So, while stand alone social media agencies are no doubt good at what they do, MediaCom sees the value in integrating its social media agency skills within the wider context of our total service offer. It is all part of being a communications agency that develops holistic, integrated and media-agnostic campaigns for our clients.

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