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What does insight mean or refer to?

The dictionary definition of insight is: ‘a deep or clear awareness of a situation’, insight can also be defined as ‘feeling of understanding something or someone’ or insight can also mean ‘grasping the inner nature’.

In the marketing world, media owners and advertisers are continually striving to achieve greater and enhanced insight into their customer’s thoughts, motivations and behaviours in order to deeply engage with them with the view of in turn influencing their purchasing decisions.

Through our specialist research teams, MediaCom works with our clients to uncover these invaluable consumer insights to develop a clear picture of the habits and motivations of an advertiser’s target audience.

Once we have unearthed these insights, the challenge to us and our clients is to develop strategies that leverage our insight into the consumer, what we know about how they think and feel and how that influences their actions. For MediaCom, as a media planning and buying agency, that leads us to developing deep and engaging media campaigns that will resonate with the client’s target market to ultimately influence their behaviour in the way our clients wants them to, such as buying a product or service, being a loyal customer or even a brand ambassador.

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