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What are media agencies?

In the broadest sense, media agencies are companies which buy, create or produce media on behalf of clients.

Media agencies partner with their clients to understand the commercial goals and objectives they want to achieve – be that anything from increasing sales revenues or driving a shift in perception about a product or service. Media agencies will also understand the client’s marketplace, and most specifically their consumers and target market.

Media agencies use experts in research to understand how a client’s target consumers think, feel and act about certain things in certain situations. The media agency will then use these consumer insights to develop a strategic media communications plan which connects with the client’s target audience.

Media agencies then buy media on behalf of their clients using their connections and size to negotiate the best price and best placement of a client’s advertising message to extract the greatest value.

Return on Investment and measurability are essential for media agencies as they work to ensure that a client’s media investments performs at its optimum.

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