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I see the acronym ‘DM’ a lot. What does it mean?

It could mean a lot of things, but in this context the acronym ‘DM’ means direct marketing. DM, or direct marketing, is a discipline within the marketing mix. DM is the marketing method of communicating directly with the target customer, most typically in the form of fliers, leaflets, telemarketing and email marketing.

DM is popular with many advertisers as its effectiveness is highly measurable. Clients and brand owners also benefit from the ability to communicate and engage directly with their target audience. Another benefit of DM is that it is flexible, meaning that brand owners are able to isolate and communicate with a well defined target audience, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

Compared to the other marketing disciplines, DM is also relatively inexpensive as the cost of implementation, specifically for direct mail programmes, is often significantly cheaper than, for example, buying advertising on TV or the radio.

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