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How has media planning and buying changed over the years?

What is communications planning and where does online media planning fit?

Historically, the roles of media planning and buying were quite close and often held by the same person within a media agency. Today however sees media planning and buying as two related, though separate, specialised job functions within a media business.

The main difference between media planning and buying is that the planning side focuses on understanding what media a client’s target customer reads, watches, interacts with or hears to develop a strategic plan of relevant advertising opportunities.

Media buying focuses on securing those media advertising opportunities at the best position and price for the client.

With the increased fragmentation of media channels and the promiscuous consumption of media by consumers, many agencies are starting to eschew the traditional media planning and buying function for a more holistic and integrated approach to placing a client’s message. For more information, please read about our communications planning service.

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