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How can I tell who are the best global media agencies?

Global media agencies are often ranked in something the industry refers to as league tables. These league tables are comprised of global media agencies and ranked according to the amount of billings each media agency billings annually. MediaCom, for instance is one of the largest media agencies in the world, and is ranked in the top five of the biggest global media agencies in the world.

While size is certainly one key factor in deciding how to determine which the best global media agencies are (because the amount an agency bills indicates the degree to which its services and expertise are in demand), other important factors about determining the best global media agencies include believing in what each company stands for.

At MediaCom, our ethos is all about people and putting them at the centre of everything we do. We take our motto – ‘People first, better results’ – seriously. This is evidenced through our invigorating employee training and satisfaction programme which keeps our people stimulated to provide the best service to our clients, who include some of the biggest brand names in the world.

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