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Can you explain what media planning is?

Media planning involves researching the media consumption habits of a client’s target audience, be it TV, radio, print or online. The next step in the media planning process is to devise a relevant advertising strategy across that media, ensuring that the client’s advertising will be seen most frequently by the intended audiences with a minimum amount of wastage.

Another way to describe media planning is the act of establishing the best media real estate, or in laymen’s terms, the best advertising opportunities within the media to place a client’s advertising or communications message.

The typical types evaluated in the media planning process include: radio, TV, print including newspapers and magazines, the internet, outdoor (such as billboards), promotional gifts like bags, pencils, etc. and direct mail.

The two most important elements of a successful media planning programme are ‘reach’ and ‘frequency’. Reach means the projected number of people that will see the client’s advertising. Frequency means the number of times a consumer will see the advertising message.

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