Welcome to BLINK #13 – The Growth Issue

Growth is what all brands want but today it seems like it’s harder than ever to find. The global economy is stalling, and many advanced nations are experiencing some of their lowest growth in decades. Even China is slowing down. The World Bank predicts that growth in this market will only hit 6.2% in 2019 – China’s worst performance in 28 years.

Many consumers have responded to the gloomy outlook by cutting spending, and that’s bad news for brands at a time when many are already struggling with media fragmentation and the challenges of digital disruption. And yet, there are still ways to ensure brand growth… you just have to know where to find them.

In this issue of BLINK, we do exactly that, celebrating companies such as Tesco, Snickers and Shell and the new approaches we have executed on their behalves to help create growth.

We look at how brands grow, examine when and where they should invest, and highlight why everyone needs to work harder to understand the barriers facing their brands before they press go on any campaign.

Today’s challenges also encourage us to dare to be different. In these pages, Liam Brennan considers how structured innovation can help bring new ideas and technology into the company, while Misha Sher explores the growing appeal of eSports – a new opportunity that brands are starting to invest in – and Ana Thorsdottir explains how social influencers are transforming product recommendations in India.

It’s certainly true that growth can lie in the new and familiar but this issue also highlights the opportunities that arise from taking a smarter approach to the work we already do, whether that’s making sure content for social media is designed for the platform on which it appears, or targeting TV spend smarter using new forms of data.

Times may be challenging but that doesn’t mean that growth can’t be found. This issue of BLINK is filled with advice that can be applied to every business, well beyond the traditional limits of marketing and media. That’s because a key part of the growth story in 2019 will involve smashing down siloes and refusing to regard tradition as a reason for inaction.

I hope you find our thoughts interesting and useful.

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