The Big Idea Partner Brief-Teads


The Challenge

Hello!  Thank you for coming to find out more about Teads’ Big Idea Challenge.

At Teads, we pride ourselves in helping our clients drive meaningful business results through their campaign activations. Therefore, we challenge you to create the best full funnel campaign with us, by incorporating two or more Teads solutions that will drive results along the full customer journey. Please include an upper funnel tactic as well as a mid and/or lower funnel tactic. Please use a current client RFP or business challenge as the basis for your submission.

Conditions on entry 

This Challenge is open to local account teams in the US, the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Canada (excluding Quebec).

General Conditions for all 3 Challenges

  • All contests open on 11th September 2020 and close on 9th October 2020.
  • Value, if won, can only be booked by the winning account team for the winning client entity that signed the letter. The client will need to approve a media plan if their account team wins.
  • Value may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or incentives available from the media owner.
  • Value is based on a “use it or lose it” principle. If the client does not ask the agency to book a campaign to fully run within the relevant qualifying period, the value is lost.
  • Value will be booked in accordance with the vendor’s standard booking terms and media owner’s target rates, market rates or rates for comparable campaigns in 2019 as applicable.
  • Where the local market currency is not US dollars, value will be converted to local currency equivalent.
  • Value cannot be converted or redeemed for credit, bonus added value, cash or cash equivalent.
  • Value is non-transferrable.
  • Value, once booked, will be lost if client decides to cancel campaign.
  • No other costs are covered. Client is responsible for all other costs e.g. taxes, data, measurement, tech, talent, ad serving, ad verification, research, dynamic creative optimisation costs, production, management fees.
  • For any value won in France, value will be booked directly in the name of advertiser client, to comply with local laws.
  • The contest will be open until 11.59pm GMT on Friday 9 October 2020, and the winner will be announced on Friday 23 October 2020.

Specific conditions for Teads’ Challenge

  • Accepts submissions from local account teams (acting on behalf of their clients) based in US, UK, Canada (excluding Quebec), France, Germany, Italy and Spain only. No central account teams may enter submissions.
  • Qualifying period is: 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021.
  • Split of value across markets:
    • Market 1: US ($500,000)
    • Market 2: UK ($300,000)
    • Market 3: France/Spain/Italy/Canada/Germany (US$200,000).

There will be 1 winner per market. Market 3 is a single market so there will be only 1 winner selected for that market. e.g. If Client account teams participate in France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Germany and Client account team in Italy wins, the US$200,000 must solely be utilised in Italy only and not in the other markets.

  • Value may be used as part of a single, or multiple, campaigns in the market.
  • Eligible Products:
    • Teads Ad Manager and/or Teads Managed Services
  • Excluded Products:
    • Any booking coming from other buying sources such as programmatic sources coming from private market place, third party DSPs or open exchange buying model.

How will your entry be judged?

Your submission will be judged by three members of the Teads global leadership team Todd Tran, Chief Strategy Officer, Meg Runeari, Global SVP Operations, Jeremy Arditi, Chief Commercial Officer, based on the following;

  • Step One: Watch the introductory video above and read through the eligibility requirements above to ensure your client meets the requirements to take part in this challenge.

    Ask your client to sign this form, giving their approval to enter the challenge.

    Step Two: Register for the contest here, as soon as possible (before you submit your client’s entry), attaching the signed approval form from your client.  Please note only MediaCom employees will have access to this Registration page.

    You will receive a registration code, which you will need to submit the submission in step 4.  Please keep hold of this code!

    *if you have any questions regarding the client letter or whether you’re client is eligible to enter, please contact

    Step Three: We’re here to help! We encourage the following process:

    Please contact the relevant regional contact (see list below) to arrange a virtual kick-off meeting where we can take you through our data, products and the overall opportunity with Teads as well as discuss the specific client needs

    We can then arrange a follow-up meeting between MediaCom and Teads’ relevant teams to review draft submission

    Meet with relevant client stakeholders, MediaCom entrants and Teads to rationalise and fine-tune the approach before official submission

    Download the submission template here.

    Teads Contacts:

    US: Mat Doherty (
    UK: Ryan Cook (
    Canada: RJ Pauloski (
    Italy: Massimo Di Gennaio (
    Spain: Santiago Oliete (
    France: Thibault Leguillon (

    Step Four: Submit the submission document here, using the registration code provided in Step Two.  Please note only MediaCom employees will have access to the Submission page. Good luck!

    If you have any questions please contact,
    or contact your Teads team.


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