Three Wishes with… Deirdre McGlashan

What's your wish for media in 2019? In this interview, Deidre McGlashan, MediaCom's Chief Digital Officer, shares her thoughts with CMO Today

CMO Today: What’s your wish for media in 2019?

Deirdre McGlashan: That we start to move away from planning around channels to planning around mediums.

An 80-year-old watching long-form video content on a big screen in a living room is probably watching something being broadcast; we would consider that TV. A 20-year old will probably be watching long-form content slung on to that large screen by an app or YouTube. But the experience is the same regardless what its channel or origination is.

CMO: What’s your wish for technology and platforms next year?

DM: I do wish that we as an industry stop with the acronyms, use common language and de-myth a lot of things. I don’t think anybody does it maliciously: I think we are all so deep in our own specialities that shortcut is just language for us and sometimes we have to remember that in order to speak to a larger audience, we have to de-myth and we have to de-acronym.

CMO: Do you have a personal goal you’d like to achieve in 2019?

DM: I love learning. Every year I always set a goal to learn something new in the new year or pick up a new hobby. I know that I’m going to see our LATAM (Latin America) team toward the end of Q1. So my one wish is that I can really pick up some Spanish in Q1 before I go to make the experience better for them—and for me!

First published in the CMO Today newsletter, December 2018.

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