Cannes 2018: Capping off a great year and setting ourselves up for more success

Stephen Allan reflects on MediaCom's hugely positive performance at Cannes Lions 2018

I’ve talked before about the challenges we’ve faced as a business over the last couple of years. While it’s not been the easiest of rides, MediaCom teams all over the world have delivered some of the best work I’ve had the pleasure of being associated with during my career. And this year, that was recognised at Cannes with MediaCom being named Media Network of the Year.

Alongside this, our work for Tesco in the UK landed the Grand Prix for Excellence in Media Planning, while campaigns for P&G’s Gillette in Israel added two Silver Lions and a Bronze Lion. We also picked up eight shortlist nominations, making MediaCom the most decorated media agency in the competition.

This is a pinnacle moment for our agency and for all of the team working within it. And when I look back over the last year, there’s are two key things I believe led to this:

1. A genuine passion for and laser-focus on delivering brilliant, and innovative, work for our clients. In all of my years at MediaCom, I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of the work being produced by our global teams. We are lucky enough to have a set of clients that want to be creative. They challenge and encourage us to come up with new ways of telling their story and connecting to their audience. And they trust us to deliver. Whatever region a client is based in and whatever sector they are part of, the enthusiasm and dedication of our people and the quality of work remains exactly the same.

It’s been our mantra all along: “One MediaCom”. Consistently creating forward-thinking campaigns isn’t easy; managing this across 120 regions is even harder –  but we’re doing it. Which leads me to our second point…

2. A hugely talented team. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for our dedication to identifying, hiring and retaining the most talented people in our industry. Whether that’s planners, creatives, data analysts, or any other part of our world, MediaCom is built on their shoulders and we know how vital every single person is to achieving success. This is especially true in the current climate.

Digital has changed the way people live, consume content and connect with brands. As such, the impact on the media industry has been revolutionary. It has opened up new ways of thinking, creating content and delivering it. And as we enter the age of AI and IoT, that transformation is going to pick-up even more speed.

It’s hugely exciting but to make the most of this, we need the best people in place. We need data experts working alongside creative directors. We need VR, AR and AI experts sitting in our planning meetings putting forward new and inventive ways to engage an audience. Our team has changed as the industry has changed – but talent remains constant. I’m blown away by the people I work alongside and I’m thankful to each and every one of them for helping us to achieve what we have over the last year and at Cannes 2018.

Here’s to another hugely successful year ahead!

First published on LinkedIn Pulse, 22 June 2018

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