Smartphones and drones

Retro it seems is the new now. Not only did a new range of Nokia phones make their debut at Mobile World Congress but they also came equipped with Snake, the addictive game that used to keep us occupied on the daily commute.

That of course was in the days before Netflix and Twitter, but it mines the same addictive vein as Pokemon Go and could be the best reason for getting one of these €49 (£41) handsets.

But Barcelona wasn’t all about the past. The first full day was all about new handsets and drones.

Among the handsets making their debut was the new Sony Xperia X2 Premium. As with previous Sony handsets, the X2 steals a march on rivals such as Samsung.

This handset, for example, can film smooth slow motion footage at four times the rate possible on Apple and Samsung’s top-end models.

While all new handsets showcase high quality displays, the Sony is also the first 4K display, giving better quality video than most of us have on our living room TV.

Another shiney shiney object was also launched by LG, a handset with a big screen but a compact body. Curiously it also offers a unique 18:9 wide aspect ratio so will be another nuance for smart advertisers to get their heads round as they adapt content to connection and also device.

LG has used the 5.7 inch screen of the G6 to add smart camera modes that allow consumers to see previews of shots or use an Instagram-ready square-picture mode.

Away from handsets, two new device categories also got a shot in the arm: wearables and drones.

Exhibitors at MWC majored on drones with lots of applications around crop inspections and solar panel sites, allowing farmers of both agricultural kind and the energy kind to keep an eye on their harvest potential more easily.

Other applications include advanced gaming drones that hope to take drone racing to the next level as a sport.

While some wearable brands have been struggling the latest place to put tracking into your life is apparently the shoe. Wearable biometrics that allow consumers to pre-programme a run and then be guided by their feet to turn left or right when the correct foot vibrates.

I’m just pre-programming my route around the Ad:Tech hall for tomorrow.

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