What to look out for at CES 2017

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Consumer Electronics Show. Here's what to expect.

The first CES featured products including transistor radios, stereos and small-screen black-and-white TVs. 17,500 attendees visited 117 exhibitors, including Memorex (now MEM-CE), Motorola with Lenovo, Philips, RCA (now a brand licensed to Technicolor), SANYO Fisher (now part of Panasonic), Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Westinghouse and Zenith (now part of LG).

Fast forward 50 years, and CES 2017 will host more than 165,000 attendees and 3,800 exhibitors in 2.4 million net square feet of space. Now a truly global show, visitors will come from more than 150 countries.

Of course, much has changed since 1967. Auto manufacturers are turning into tech companies, racing to produce the first self-driving car. The Internet of Things is becoming the Internet of Family Things, as connected devices turn toward uniting parents, children and far-flung relatives.

Previously “dumb” hardware is learning to think via souped-up software, and the endless developments in the (smart)phone, audio, entertainment, healthcare, beauty and countless other categories would have been either unimaginable or relegated to the realm of “sci-fi” back then.

What has not changed is the Show’s core mission: to act as a proving ground for creators – a place where members of the entire innovation ecosystem can come together to discover and experience the latest trends and network with peers.

As a member of that system, MediaCom will be there to help interpret the ideas, products and innovations most likely to affect marketers, and to help create the innovation roadmaps that will help them grow their businesses.

Find out what to expect at CES 2017

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