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Mark Zuckerberg has announced at F8 in San Francisco that Facebook will open up their messaging platform. Scale is Key. The messaging platform is going to be the cornerstone in Facebook’s five year plan.

People do not want to talk to businesses, or install apps to get the products. Zuckerberg said the irony is that this will bring business and consumers closer by not having them engage directly. Welcome to the age of bots.

Chat based user interfaces or bots have been around as long as most of us have been alive. Then came messaging platforms, they were successful – very successful. And now the bots are back. They are back as a service. A service with one purpose, to make what you already do easier and better. Add AI to the equation and you have a very interesting cocktail.

Why bots?

Let’s take a look at the four most talked about opportunities:

  1. Personal Assistant Bots that can wake you up, hail a cab, find restaurants, manage your calendar, find you a date or just about anything that you want to do
  2. Medical bots that can monitor your health, book you doctors’ appointments, get your medication delivered
  3. Family bots that can keep track of your family, keep your expenses under check, take care of your household needs like grocery shopping
  4. Business bots that can automate your business workflows, customer acquisitions, analytics, and manage your inventory

Will this be the end for websites and apps? Probably not yet. However today’s announcement will demand businesses to re-evaluate how bots best bring value to their customers.

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