Watches and bracelets and me, oh my!

MediaCom's annual 2015 Silicon Valley Summit kicked off yesterday in San Francisco. Led by Worldwide Chairman and CEO, Stephen Allan, and Deirdre McGlashan, Global Chief Digital Officer, the annual event is designed to give clients an intense, under-the-bonnet experience and exposure to the latest innovations and trends in technology, media and advertising.

This year’s theme is Connected Consumers. Machines are talking to each other, allowing consumers to be more connected than ever before. In fact, by 2023, research suggests that seven billon consumer electronics will be communicating with each other. As The Content + Connections Agency, we help our clients take advantage of this connected world.

Each day this week, we’ll be summarising the biggest learnings we’ve gleaned from the speakers and companies with whom we meet. Keep your eyes peeled daily for exciting insights, learnings and quotable quotes from the brightest minds in the industry.

Day One – Watches and bracelets and me, oh my!

While we were all talking about the “year of mobile”, mobile snuck in, took over the house and reproduced in the form of wearables. Major themes throughout today were wearables, mobile ubiquity and the age of personalisation.

A highly entertaining session with AOL’s digital prophet, David Shing, emphasised the connected human and the internet of things. With mobile internet truly ubiquitous (by 2016 half the world’s population will go online via mobile), wearables have really taken off: “There are now over 290 wearables on the market. The wearable web is coming.” Shingy’s points about millennials were particularly salient: “It’s not a me generation, it’s a WE generation”, highlighting how millennials love ‘social good’, but are far more likely to be private and share less online with strangers, echoing their grandparents’ values.

Brian Cooley from CNET further reiterated the power of “constant connectedness” thanks to mobile’s pervasiveness, allowing extra connectivity thanks to wearables and the Internet of Things including the connected car and the connected home.  Brian also reminded  that technology should not be confused  as machines or electronics; technology is how we get things done. He advised us that great technology is “Transparent, Intuitive, Intimate and Constant”. Ultimately, technology is what you want, everywhere you want it, intelligently.

Moderated by Brian, our Connected Future panel debate with David Shing, AOL, Yaniv Makover, Keywee and Diaz Nesamoney, Jivox saw a wide range of topics discussed, from what’s the latest buzz in Silicon Valley (devices/gadgets, big data, technology disrupting services) to speculation on wearables standards (will there be any?) to the aging consumer and device assistance.

In the afternoon, a visit to Twitter headquarters saw Dick Costolo, CEO, share their roadmap for the next few years. Video on mobile will play a much greater role on Twitter in the future, via their products including Vine and Periscope. Today, in fact, 90% of Twitter video views are now on mobile. He also shared his vision of the connected consumer, where Twitter could reach audiences with content who are not even logged in or signed up to a Twitter account.

Day One of MediaCom’s 2015 Silicon Valley Summit has been a great success. We look forward to sharing more insights with you from Day Two.

The Top Quotable Quotes of Day 1

“What’s possible when you know what the whole world is thinking about any topic at any time?” – Twitter

“Say yes to the mess.” – AOL

“Autonomy is key; less management means more innovation.” – Spotify

“Consumers are willing to share their personal data, but only if they get something useful in return. The price of personal data is great service.” – CNET

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