Francesco Granati tells us more about life at MediaCom in week two of Tell the Truth

‘What will the first day be like?’ I asked myself while standing crammed with other people in the central line. I had no clue. What I certainly couldn’t expect was that I’d be immediately briefed on the clients we were working on. I hadn’t even arrived to my desk, but I had already received a quick overview briefing of what was going on. As if it wasn’t enough I was thrown in the cold water of the first meetings, making desperate attempts to understand what it was everyone was talking about. Truth be told, that is the way you learn. You start to look up terms, you read through tons of presentations and documents while striving to be maybe able to finally contribute to the meeting. Has that moment arrived for me yet? Well, I’ll keep that for myself this time.

I came from a place and a time, university, where everything is analysed in an intense, detail oriented manner that resembles Dexter’s preparation of his kill room, or Walter White’s cooking procedures. It’s easy to get lost in details when you have spent eight years of your life roaming from one bachelor, to a master and then to a second one.

At MediaCom I soon learned that things move pretty fast. The faster they seem to move, the more information and knowledge seems to be whirling around. This is exactly one of the many reasons I feel so lucky. As Ferris Bueller once said in the famous eighties comedy ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ From this perspective, ‘life’ is MediaCom. MediaCom moves pretty fast and I’m thankful I’m here to take a look around.

Also, I had the chance to think about the infamous question ‘how can academia help and enrich practitioners?’ In my first master thesis I passionately stated that practitioners can learn a lot from academia, sort of like ‘if they only knew this and that’. After a period here at MediaCom, surrounded in the meantime by the fast paced rhythm which often culminates in unbelievable, magnificent multitasking operations (seriously, I’ve seen things), I have come to the following conclusion: academia and practitioners are two separate, completely different realities. They observe the same phenomena from almost opposite perspectives and with a different aim in mind. Sure, they can be combined, but what’s the point? They have divergent goals. One is studying a topic’s every facet just for the fun of it while the other one is approaching a topic for the client. Oh yeah, and add to the latter: pressing deadlines, stress, time constraints, budget limits, profit.

The truths of the week (yes I have 2 today) are that first, academia and practitioners just are completely different universes and second, that MediaCom operates at 140mph and still manages to do great  work.

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