Winning in real time

Cannes presentation by Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola

In a very brave move, senior vice-president for integrated marketing communications and capabilities at Coca-Cola, Wendy Clarke took the entire audience for her session in Cannes to Coke’s Consumer Interaction Center in Rio via Skype.

In Brazil the brand has a team of 20 people monitoring the real time conversation and managing the dialogue around the World Cup and Coca-Cola. As Wendy Clarke said, you can’t make a proper presentation on real-time without including a daring example.

Despite the opportunity for failure, the technology worked perfectly for this Cannes demonstration.

The real-time opportunity Coke has set up its entire strategy around real-time but is admitting to not fully be there yet.

The guiding principles for Coca-Cola in real-time marketing are:

  • Silence is not an option, your truth will be filled in
  • Speed trumps perfection
  • Do work that matters. The world doesn’t need more content, the world needs more good content
  • Develop new models of working and new ways of making
  • Empower people
  • Learn more, guess less. Measurement is real-time so we know in real-time when we haven’t succeeded
  • Be more open, more transparent, more real, more humanity

As an example she showed¬†#happinessflag¬†and #theworldscup (yes, the world’s cup).

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