Mobile… it’s magic!

Ben Phillips, MediaCom's Global Head of Mobile, blogs from Cannes Lions 2014

Slight of hand, mis-direction, tricks and illusions… these were not the topics of discussion at the programmatic roundtable I attended early today but the entertainment supplied by Dynamo- Magician impossible at a rooftop event hosted by Google today.

Back to business and Pubmatic had arranged a roundtable discussion to cover the world of programmatic from different perspectives. Publishers (Northern & Shell and Conde Nast), agencies (Vivaki, SMG and, of course, MediaCom) sat alongside ad tech (PubMatic, Xaxis, Turn and Axciom) at a session chaired by Philip Smith of Campaign.

Although the participants came from different ends of the advertising spectrum, there was overwhelming agreement on a number of areas:

1. Education is needed across all departments from technology to creative in understanding what Programatic buying can bring to a media campaign

2. The definition of a whole host of terms and descriptions is needed to simplify the message we are trying to make and we need all need to be a little more consistent

3. A key benefit to programmatic buying is that it reduces the amount of time and effort to get a campaign to market

I often tell the tale of mobile being the “marriage guidance counsellor of media” it is apparent that all partners must get together and provide a system to deliver a solution.  We often engage one another at different times but would benefit from knowing where each of our roles and responsibilities begins and ends. This is something close to MediaCom’s heart having brought together ad tech, creative, publishers and brand in a recent endeavour that is sure to become a media first!

Another topic under discussion was the mountains of data we have. The collection of consumer information is a touchy subject that often veers off into privacy whisperings and concern. However, most of us today give away more information online and through mobile than ever before.

We often exchange data in return for targeted and proactive messaging.  From a brand and agency perspective it is our role to make the most of this data and deliver the right message at the right time. To collect data is a great idea, to silo that information and use it incorrectly is a media sin.

Creative execution is important in a world where consumers engage on a multitude of devices, sometimes simultaneously. We need to be able to invite a High Quality Engagement (HQE) and programmatic should be perceived as a key to unlocking greater creativity not stifling it.

Premium and performance are no longer exclusive in this world and within a Private Market Place environment, brands and advertisers are given the opportunity to work even close with publishers, something that the industry has always thrived upon.

We are continually asked to “look around corners” by our clients, we present them with options… “pick a card, any card” and then are expected to magically deliver to their expectations.  When we do this correctly the results are truly amazing. Through collaboration, education and creative execution we are able to amaze and produce fantastic results. As for mobile, it’s at the heart of this performance and is quite simply MAGIC!

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