CES 2014: Las Vegas technology event

Day 1 Euan Jarvie, COO MediaCom EMEA, gives us the low-down on what's happening at this year's CES technology event in Las Vegas.

Day one starts…

The first working day in January; dark, dank and rainy. The most depressing working day of the year, record divorce applications across the world.

Me, I’m in Las Vegas for some tech and a glimpse of the future at CES. The world’s largest consumer electronics show should to reveal how the big brands see our future.

Sadly much of what will be on display will probably last year’s launches being given a final push. At a time when the technology world is talking about the “real” roll outs of 4K TVs; wearable technology that’s actually useful (Samsung connecting all your home appliances) and the development of actual Biometric tech that’s part of your daily get up, that’s a disappointing prospect.

The advertising, content and marketing purists are focusing on real technology that allows for individualised messaging and experiences.

The headline grabbing highlight of day one was the breakdown of an auto queue at the Samsung launch with Transformers director Michael Bay walking off the launch stage mid speech proving once again that technology can create problems as well as opportunities.

Positive news includes Chevrolet bringing 4G LTE to the cars for real-time sharing of experiences – a move that creates great potential for advocacy and related messaging.

I’m more skeptical about the talk of curved TVs and smartphones. It may reshape the design but does it really give consumers an enhanced experience or just some short term “talkability”.

CES will also bring more consumer drones to the market although I’m still wondering if this is both sensible and practical for the likes of Amazon, far less for consumers.

The show promises much in 2014 around the real adoption of connected technology that brings all the brands and advertisers what they are searching for – relevant and experiential events that bring enjoyment and impact to real people who share these experiences.

My Las Vegas cab driver’s view was that the show was all promise and no application in 2013. 2014 – It’s time for delivery.
First published onĀ M&M Global

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