Cannes Lions 2014 – day one

Monday Round-up

The one thing you keep hearing when you first arrive in Cannes is to remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint. And that becomes very eminent once you are here.

On Monday, Dynamo the magician took centre stage at the Palais, surprising the crowds and manipulating the senses, Spike Jonze arrived looking like he rather be somewhere else, and Google’s beach area got overrun by t-shirt printing crowds and turned everyone into robot creators using toothbrushes. It was also another huge day at the Gutter bar, of course.

In the MediaCom Suite, Microsoft’s senior researcher David Kim dropped by to demonstrate one of his team’s latest inventions. Given that Microsoft spends $19BN a year on research, we were all eagerly anticipating the big reveal of a new piece of kit, and we were not disappointed. David demonstrated a device that could mimic real hand movements and the power of touch using a simple camera and a laser beam. It’s still in alpha testing at this stage, but already offers massive possibilities.

The potential for this kind of wearable tech promises a world where you can turn up the volume with a simple wave of a hand, switch off the lights with a push on a non-existing button, or shoot in a game by simply shaping your hands like a gun (just like you did when you were a kid).

Back at the Palais, Buzzfeed and Mindshare shared the stage at a very interesting session on memes and the zeitgeist.

The ever-entertaining Jonah Peretti, founder of Buzzfeed, got straight to the point with his tips on creating viral content: Make people laugh, tell human stories, publish into the zeitgeist, and aggregate.

For more serious content, don’t forget to share the definitive story and create something that inform as well as inspires.

Mindshare’s Jordan Bitterman added some steps on how brands can ride the zeitgeist:

1)    Lead with science
Study performance efficiency and use it in creative

– Harness people: Data is the tool for creativity
– Leverage data
– Partner up

Every week we all feed 3,000 pieces of info into a database

2)    Plan for cultural relevance. Brands are merging into people via dialogue.

– Plan for confidence
– Plan for agility
– Organise for speed
– Use tools (buy them , borrow them, build them) and tear down silos

14BN devices connected to the internet right now
23 BN cars connected
865 MN credit card transactions everyday

It was certainly an event-packed day. Roll on Tuesday…

Winning in real time
Mobile… it’s magic!