Cannes Lions 2014

Wednesday Round-up

Another sunny day at Circus Cannes as a long line of celebrities queued up to appear: Courtney Cox, Sheryl Sandberg, Ralph Fiennes and Jared Leto.

Jared Leto hasn’t been on my personal radar since the fabulous TV show “My So-Called Life”, which also starred a young Clare Danes and aired sometime in the early 1990s, although I know he just won an Oscar and has fabulous hair.

Leto was appearing in Cannes to talk about being an award-winning actor, lead singer of the widely popular band Thirty Seconds to Mars, an entrepreneur and an artist. On stage he was really self-assured, funny, clever and thoughtful – and is probably the speaker who has received the most interaction and engagement from the audience, something that was certainly also helped by him being a handsome superstar with front rows taken by fans.

He didn’t give the speech that is often given on the stage this year about storytelling, data and insights. He talked about radio and radio’s power to weave seamlessly into people’s life and create memories, no matter if you like or dislike the songs played. He talked about advertising and how it is not the answer to all problems. Leto doesn’t consider it advertising if it’s creative; rather he sees it as entertainment and a conversation. When advertising is great it is transcendent and we still need to push boundaries and celebrate the experts and true artists.

He also questioned that fact that people who do make-up tutorials on YouTube receive more money than musicians that helped grow YouTube in the first place.

Vice was on stage in another session on storytelling in the shape of Eddy Moretti, Global Creative Officer.

Vice’s modus operandi has been to hire fans to help create content, recruit the best story tellers from its fan base and also ask them what they are interested in seeing.

Eddy Moretti described Vice as the lighthouse in the ocean of content, a human-driven curation engine with a real voice that is allowed to shine through it all.

Caught on the Croisette

Another important task while in Cannes is to make sure that you have access to the right parties. It is just as much about the networking as it is about the work.

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