What makes videos shareable?

The quick answer: get the distribution right. By Signe Wandler, Global Marketing Manager

A quarter of video shares happen within the first three days , so the most shared videos are the ones that have the best distribution in place . According to social video ad agency Unruly, this is the golden rule of creating shareable videos, as explained at this year’s Festival of Media.

Unruly teamed up with Dr. Karen Nelson-Field , Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of South Australia, to identify a set of parameters that determine how shareable video is.  Their study and experience has shown that distribution is king and content is a highly emotional queen.

Their analysis also found that while many in the marketing community think branding puts people off sharing, this is not the case.  Unruly argued that it is necessary to have obvious branding to not let the audience feel duped.

The last myth that was debunked was that sexy guys, cats and babies are the safest way to get consumers to share your video. They could help but it’s not guaranteed and they could also lower total shares. What does help is using personal experiences as Coke has done in their viral hit for Skyfall

This scientific research was backed up by another more creative recipe for successful video. Chuck Porter from ad agency CP+B highlighted three key tactics. Firstly, using taste makers such as Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osborne, who featured in  Best Buy‘s successful Super Bowl commercial ).Secondly, creating communities of participation asused by CP+B for the Whopper Sacrifice Facebook app.Porter’s final and less quantifiable ingredient for success was unexpectedness: unexpectedness is the wildcard that has created hits like Gangnam style.

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