Sasha Savic, CEO, MediaCom USA catches up with AOL’s David Shing in Cannes

"There is a beauty in simplicity"

Sasha Savic, CEO of MediaCom USA, took a stroll with AOL digital prophet David Shing at last week’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the world’s largest advertising festival.

For Savic, it was the perfect chance to explore one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers today: saying what you want to say to consumers in a simplistic way.

Why? “Because,” as Savic says, “there is a beauty in simplicity.”

Savic also commented on his experience as a judge for the Cannes Media Lions competition. “When you come here and you see beautiful pieces of work, then you say, ‘Okay, I remember now why I’m here.'”

As for the daunting challenge of picking winners from hundreds of possible submissions, it was easier than expected for the Cannes veteran.

“Your head is spinning, but you come back to the room and close your eyes and say, ‘Okay, I remember three,'” said Savic. “I remember three, and these three made me jealous.”

Watch the full interview here on David Shing’s Shingerviews.

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