Microsoft release XBox One

Nic Hodges, Head of Innovation and Technology, MediaCom Australia

After more than eight years, Microsoft has upgraded the XBox, with the XBox One replacing the XBox 360 – and it looks like the console has gone well beyond gaming to be the central device for TV.

The key feature of the new XBox is around voice control. Users simple say “XBox On” to turn the console on. “XBox TV” to watch TV, “XBox Game” to go to their last played game. Any functionality can be controlled by voice, and the reports from trials are that the switching is almost instantaneous.

What this could mean for Microsoft is that the XBox becomes the key device for TV – the one box that everything flows through. And that means detailed analytics on who is watching what (remember the Kinect can detect who is sitting in front of it), and also a huge opportunity to create advertising units within apps, the home screen, and other parts of the ecosystem.

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